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Narrator - "Hello everyone, and welcome to my very own 'Tale Of Tenchi'. To insure that you understand this story, I am carrying off from exactly where the 'Tenchi Universe' left off. After there long adventure through space and there battles on Jurai, Tenchi and the girls have finally returned home. Kiyone and Mihoshi, being low on income, wound up moving into the household as well, thanks to Washu turning another of the closets into a portal to there very own room that is. Not much has changed between the girls, even though they did work together to save Jurai in the first place, the minute they were back home it was back to just who it would be who would win the love of their prince. As you already know, this story will be the answer to that very question. Full of comedy, action, adventure, romance, drama, and plenty of surprises, 'Tenchi Muyo - Get's married!' will sure to please any true Tenchi fan. And now, we go to the stories beginning, as Tenchi wakes up after a long rest and does his morning stretches, with a surprise soon to follow..."

Tenchi - "Yaawwn. Boy, it's been over four months now since the journey and I still feel wiped out all the time. Of course, it may be the summer heat wearing me down from working on Ryo's carrots all the time too..."

Narrator - "Tenchi finishes his stretches and stumbles over to his closet door still in a bit of a daze from his rest."

Tenchi - "Now then, yaawn... Let's see what i'll wear today."

Narrator - "Tenchi opens his closet with a smile and suddenly Ryoko tumbles out and lands on the floor with a thud fast asleep."

Tenchi - "Ry..Ryo...Ryoko!!? What the hell were you in my closet for!? Can't a guy have any privacy?!"

Narrator - "Ryoko quickly wakes up and out of shock flies herself right into the roof with yet another thud and she slowly lowers back onto the floor rubbing her head as she sits on her legs twitching her tail."

Ryoko - "Whaaat? A girl can't watch her man sleep at night to make sure he's safe? I was only thinking of your well being Tenchi. After all, that Ayeka's a pretty sly one. And Washu could easily sneak in and experiment on you!"

Narrator - "Tenchi grumbles as he grabs his clothes for the day and walks to the door."

Tenchi - "Please Ryoko. Nobody ever sneaks in at night except you. And you only do it to watch me change! At least the others give me a 'little' privacy!"

Narrator - "Tenchi slams the door shut and walks to the bathroom to prepare for the day leaving Ryoko sitting in the middle of his room."

Ryoko - "Oh Tenchi... I can't help myself. Your just way too cute!!

Narrator - "And with that she stands and grins with a wicked look."

Ryoko - "Heh heh heh... Although you really don't have a bad body either my dear Tenchi! And don't worry, sooner or later you'll be glad to have me in here..."

Narrator - "Ryoko then disappears from the room and show's up back in her own."

Ryoko - "Now then, a few more hours of beauty sleep couldn't hurt."

Narrator - "Ryoko lays on her bed and is shortly out like a light once again. Back in the bathroom Tenchi is finishing preparing himself for the day as he dries his hair and heads for the kitchen."

Tenchi - "Good morning Sasami! So what's on the menu today?"

Sasami - "Oh hi Tenchi! Your finally up! I have some egg's with rice and some juicy bacon, some nice warm tea and bread rolls, and I even made some morning Ramen just for you! Enjoy."

Narrator - "Sasami cheerfully lays out Tenchi's meal in front of him as she returns to cooking for the others."

Tenchi - "Thanks Sasami. You know, I really wouldn't mind it if the others would learn a thing or two from you. Always hard working, never trying to pick fights... Too bad that's just a dream though."

Narrator - "Tenchi finishes his food as Sasami blushes and giggles after what Tenchi had told her."

Sasami - "Still, if they were like me, then we wouldn't have much to do around here. It's thanks to them being the way they are that we don't die of boredom you know."

Narrator - "She laughs and washes Tenchi's dishes as he walks out to the yard."

Tenchi - "Hey Sasami!! I'll see ya later okay? I'm headin' to the fields now!"

Narrator - "Tenchi walks off to the fields with his trusty tools as he whistles a tune he once heard from one of Mihoshi's tv shows."

Tenchi - "Gah... Man is it just me or are those cartoon songs addictive now days?"

Narrator - "Tenchi reaches his fields and begins to plow and work away as the morning fog surrounds him as the sun rises over the mountains. Back at the house however, the others are slowly starting to awake themselves hoping to give a morning greeting to Tenchi before he head's to the fields.

Ayeka - "Um... Lord Tenchi? Are you awake yet?.."

Narrator - "She slowly opens Tenchis bedroom door and creeps in, only to find that he's already left his room."

Ayeka - "Well, seems he's already got an early start on his day. Perhaps he's with Sasami eating still."

Narrator - "She walks out of his room, making sure to close the door of course, and walks her way into the dining room as she see's Sasami arranging the breakfast for everyone."

Ayeka - "Oh, hello there Sasami. Tell me, have you seen Lord Tenchi? I looked in his room and it seems he's already left..."

Sasami - "Yep! He left about half an hour ago to start work in the fields. I guess today was just another one of his early day's. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to say bye though."

Ayeka - "Sigh... Yes, so am I. I'm sure a proper morning greeting would have made his day a tad better though."

Narrator - "She sits at the table with a sad look and slowly eats her share of the meal as Sasami does the same."

Ayeka - "You always out do yourself you know, These are just the most delicious egg's I have ever tasted."

Narrator - "The two continue eating as we head into the lab where Washu is just waking up from a past day of new inventions."

Washu - "Mmm, boy what a nap! And what great progress i've made so far! With these new devices, keeping an eye on Tenchi and the others will be a breeze! I've always wondered what kind of trouble those girls get into while i'm working."

Narrator - "She hold's the tiny re-makes of her mini spy bots in her hands as she inspects them one by one."

Washu - "You fellas may have failed me when Tenchi was back in Tokyo, but this time i've made sure you will be able to get the job done! And since you'll be covering a much smaller distance, it'll make your signals that much stronger between each other! And this time their shall be no interference with your communications now that I can keep a better eye on you."

Narrator - "She programs one of the spy bots to search for Tenchi an it immediately set's course for the fields as it give's Washu a video image."

Washu - "So Tenchi's began work early eh? It's surprising considering it's a Saturday morning. Usually it's today that he starts work late. Wonder what's up?"

Narrator - "Washu walks out of the lab and head's for the dining room to be with the others."

Ayeka And Sasami - "Good morning Washu! Sleep well?"

Washu - "Hey there you two. It wasn't bad. What about yourselves and Tenchi?"

Narrator - "The two look at each other and sigh."

Ayeka - "Well, we slept fairly well, but it seems Lord Tenchi got up early today for some reason and went..."

Narrator - "Washu raises her hand and cut's them off."

Washu - "Off to the fields to start his work early, am I right? I already know about that."

Narrator - "They look at each other confused."

Ayeka - "How did you know Miss. Washu?"

Sasami - "Yeah I didn't see you anywhere when he left..."

Narrator - "Washu grins and brings out her laptop."

Washu - "It's all thanks to my spy-bots. Remember the one's I used to watch Tenchi with when he was in Tokyo? I made some minor improvements and this time they are guaranteed not to fail. See for yourself! I have one of them watching Tenchi for me now."

Narrator - "She turns the laptop to let the others have a peek."

Ayeka - "My my... Tenchi sure is a hard worker isn't he? Just look at him plow that soil so strong and smoothly... And the way he gently cares for each of his crops..."

Narrator - "Ayeka starts to smile and blush as she watches Tenchi plow and plant."

Sasami - "Earth to Ayeka? Hellooo?.."

Narrator - "She waves her hand in front of her sister as Ayeka jumps with a startle."

Ayeka - "Uh, what is it? I was just watching Tenchi to make sure we wasn't over doing himself is all. Is that so wrong?.."

Narrator - "Sasami and Washu look at each other with a smile and they both laugh a little."

Sasami - "More like getting an attraction from his working body! He he he!"

Narrator - "She teases Ayeka as Washu puts the laptop away."

Washu - "Alright now, that's enough from you two. At least save it until i've finished my meal."

Narrator - "She smile's and eats with the other two while we go and check on Mihoshi and Kiyone."

Kiyone - "Bwaahhh.... Wow, it's much easier to sleep here than it was in that stuffy apartment! Wouldn't you say Mihsoshi?"

Narrator - "She watches her sleeping partner than opens the windows to look outside and she see's a tiny figure up the hills."

Mihoshi - "Wow! Tenchi sure is working early today isn't he Kiyone!?"

Narrator - "Kiyone jumps and shouts surprised from the sudden burst of Mihoshis voice."

Kiyone - "What the hell Mihoshi!? I thought you were still asleep!? Is it really necessary to surprise me like that!?"

Mihoshi - "Oh, i'm sorry Kiyone... I just thought it'd be a little funny is all."

Narrator - "Mihoshi smiles and get's herself dressed as Kiyone does the same."

Kiyone - "Whatever. C'mon it's time for breakfast. You know how Sasami always likes for everyone to eat together. And besides it's our job to help with the chores too as payment for being able to stay here like this."

Narrator - "The two walk down into the dining room and sit with the others."

Kiyone And Mihoshi - "Morning everyone!"

All - "Morning you two."

Kiyone - "So, it seems Tenchi's gone off early again today huh? You know, since it's our job to help with the chores we were going to go off and help him today. Would you girls care to join us?"

Mihoshi - "Oh my! That's a great idea! Then we can all spend lot's of time together!"

Narrator - "The two eat and wait for a response from the others."

Ayeka - "Well I have nothing to do today, so why not?

Sasami - "And I already have my chores done, so i'll come too!

Washu - "Meh, I guess i'll tag along. Since i've finished my inventions for the week already, I guess I could use some outside time."

Kiyone - "Then it's settled. We'll eat then head on out! Dig in everyone."

Narrator - "They finish eating there meal and walk out towards the fields, leaving a certain someone back at the house..."

Ryoko - "Yaawwwnnn... Whew, guess I couldn't slept longer than I though."

Narrator - "She looks at the clock and see's shes been asleep for over an hour then hovers her way down to the dining room."

Ryoko - "Hey Sasami, where's the grub? Everything's been forked down already."

Narrator - "Ryoko heats herself up a box of ramen and wanders through the house looking for the others."

Ryoko - "Yo Sasami! Ayeka? Mihoshi? Hellooo!.."

Narrator - "She tosses her empty box away and goes into the back yard."

Ryoko - "Alright then so where the hell is everyone? I was only out for an hour and the whole house goes empty on me..."

Narrator - "She hovers her way over the woods to look for the others and finds them working with Tenchi."

Ryoko - "Ahah! So that's where you bastards went."

Narrator - "She lowers herself down and lands behind Ayeka."

Ryoko - "You little tramp... Trying to score brownie points with Tenchi behind my back! All of you were!!"

Narrator - "She glares at everyone angrily."

Tenchi - "Now now Ryoko, just calm down. Kiyone invited the girls to come here and help me with the fields is all. If you wanna help we have some spare tools. I'd appreciate the extra hand you know."

Narrator - "He hands her some seeds and a hoe."

Ryoko - "Rmmph.... Alright then. Guess I owe ya' for last night anyways. Hand em' here, lover boy."

Narrator - "She grabs the seeds and tool and get's to work grumbling as Ayeka walks up behind her with a serious face."

Ayeka - "Miss Ryoko, may I imply on just what you meant by 'owing him for last night?

Narrator - "Ryoko get's a deceitful grin and turns to Ayeka."

Ryoko - "Well if you must know Tenchi finally decided to let me sleep with him in bed last night. We didn't do anything serious mind you, we only made out for about half the night. Kissing and snuggling. It was so romantic really. I fell asleep right in his arms you know, my head on his strong,sturdy chest. He has such a gentle heartbeat..."

Narrator - "Ryoko hug's herself playing out her imaginative scene."

Ryoko - "And there you have it. No biggie.... Princess..."

Narrator - "Ryoko turns from her and goes back to work still smiling."

Ayeka - "You... You liar! Tenchi would never do such a thing with you! At least not so easily!"

Narrator - "She summons her powers and she starts to surround Ryoko with electricity."

Ayeka - "Everything was all fine and dandy until you showed up with your filthy, deceitful mouth! Why don't you just go back to the house and leave us to work!"

Ryoko - "Wish I could princess but like I said, I owe Tenchi, and there's nothing you can do about that now, is there?"

Narrator - "Ryoko summons dozens of glowing red spears around them."

Tenchi - "Now come on you two! Not here in the field! Ayeka, we didn't do anything! She was just in my closet watching me all night! That's all! I didn;t even know until she fell out of it this morning!! Please take it somewhere else! I worked really hard to get these crops up and growing! Ryoko, tell her the truth!!"

Narrator - "Tenchi stands between them as they glare at each other and growl with hatred."

Ayeka - "That's just as bad! Invading a mans privacy, stalking him at all hours of the night, you need to be punished foul demon! You wicked temptress!"

Ryoko - "Like your one to talk you spoiled, over pampered poodle! Your nothing but an A class whore, faking your little goody goody tricks just to try and get Tenchi in the sack. How about I just teach you a little something huh?!"

Narrator - "And with that they toss Tenchi out of the way and begin to blast each other furiously."

Kiyone - "I am so sorry Tenchi! I had no idea about Ryoko in your room  this morning! If I had known it would have led up to this I would never had offered!

Washu - "This... Is not going to be pretty when it's over."

Sasami - "Stop it you two! These crops are to feed us all for the rest of the season!"

Mihoshi - "Waahh!!! Were so sorry Tenchi!! Your beautiful crops are being blown to smithereens!!

Narrator - "Tenchi stands and watches in fury as the two blast at themselves and destroy the land around them."

Tenchi - "That... That's... THAT IS ENOUGH YOU TWO! QUIT THE CRAP!!!"

Narrator - "The two stop fighting at once and stand in shock looking at Tenchi."

Tenchi - "Ryoko, Ayeka... You two are nothing but a huge pain in the ass!! You can't go one day without fighting over the stupidest things!! Look at the others, they hardly ever fight! Even Kiyone and Mihoshi keep their fights at a safe degree!! But you two just blast away and destroy everything in sight! Look at all my crops! It took me forever to get them planted and growing! That's why I hate letting any of you help me!! This is over the third time my field has been destroyed! To hell with it! Just go back to the house you two and think about what you've done!!"

Narrator - "Tenchi point's angrily down to the house as the two stand with tears in their eyes."

Ayeka - "Very well Lord Tenchi. I'm sorry for being a bother. I'll control myself better in the future..."

Ryoko - "T...Tenchi?...I was just..."

Narrator - "Ayeka goes to the house while Ryoko walks up to him in tears."

Ryoko - "I was just fighting for you! I can't help it if I lie about us! That's just how much I want you... And if that's a sin then excuse me for loving you!!!"

Narrator - "Ryoko dashes off to the house tears streaming in the air and fades through the roof."

Sasami - "Tenchi.... That may have been a little too much y'know..."

Kiyone - "True. They were just fighting over you, and it's not like we can't fix this...

Washu - "Yeah, with my technology I can have this entire area repaired with the crops back to normal by tomorrow."

Mihoshi - "Tenchi, that was way too mean!"

Narrator - "The girls stand looking at Tenchi a little worried."

Tenchi - "Sigh... I don't know. I am sorry for saying what I did, but at the same time they really need to control their fighting. I don't know what else to do about those two."

Narrator - "Tenchi stands rubbing the back of his head while he thinks."

Tenchi - "Well... I guess i'll talk to them. Can you girls really get the field back to normal in the meantime?"

Kiyone - "Leave it to us Tenchi. With the universes greatest scientist by our side we'll have this place looking tip top in no time flat.

Washu - "Now that's what I call flattery. At least someone remembers my title!"

Narrator - "They give Tenchi a thumbs up and shoos him away. Not soon after Tenchi show's up back at the house and see's Ayeka sitting at the table with her head down."

Tenchi - "Uhh... Hey Ayeka. Listen um... I'm sorry about what I said earlier. It's just, I really did work hard on those crops, and that was our main source of ingredients too ya' know... you gonna be okay?.."

Narrator - "He sit's beside her and hug's her."

Ayeka - "I... I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I do feel bad about the crops though."

Tenchi - "Don't worry, the others are taking care of that while I talk to you two. Where's Ryoko?"

Ayeka - "Right. Her. In her room I think... Tenchi... What did you two really do?.."

Tenchi - "I told you, she just snuck in my room and stayed in my closet all night. IT was just her usual spy on me thing. So don't worry about that alright?"

Narrator - "Tenchi stands up and walks to the stairs."

Tenchi - "I'll talk to you later Ayeka. I need to have a word with Ryoko now. You just do as you like okay?"

Narrator - "Tenchi walks up the stairs and slowly into Ryoko's dark room."

Tenchi - "Psst... Hey... You in here Ryoko? I need to talk to ya'..."

Narrator - "Tenchi walks in and closes the door behind him and turns on the lights."

Tenchi - "Uhh, Ryoko? You okay?"

Narrator - "He see's her laying down and walks to her bed and sits beside her hearing her cry."

Tenchi - "Aww c'mon Ryoko. I'm sorry about what I said. I just care about the crops is all. They are our main source of ingredients for Sasamis food and such, and not to mention it's also Ryo's source of food with all the carrots I bring in."

Narrator - "He nudges her shoulder and she sit's up looking away."

Ryoko - "Tenchi, you've never talked to us like that before. The anger you displayed, the words you said, it was just... Too much."

Narrator - "She stands still looking away and walks towards the door."

Tenchi - "But... Well uh... Maybe I did go a little over board. It's just, i've had a lot on my mind lately. And having you girls fighting all the time, especially in the fields, it just got on my nerves a little too much this time. I just have too much stress at the moment, after all i'm only human Ryoko."

Ryoko - "Stress? You have stress? Ha!! That's a laugh Tenchi!! What do you do everyday? Go to school, come home and work in the fields and at the shrine, then what? Go to bed? Oh yeah, that's 'extremely' stressful! Do you even realize what a pain in my ass it is to sit around here, everyday, with absolutely nothing to do but listen to Ayeka and the others?! Mihoshi and Kiyone are always bickering with each other, Ayeka always want's to mess with me and get on my bad side, and I have to put up with it! Hours on end! Then theirs Washu always wanting help with her lame experiments, when all I want to do each day is be with you!! That's why I stay here Tenchi, so I can spend what little time your here with you! And when you are around, you always treat me like some kind of burden! What happened to all that happiness you had when we first came back huh?! I thought thing's would be different this time! But no!! You acted so happy to see me back here, and now you act like you can't even stand to look at me. All just because I fight with Ayeka! For god's sake Tenchi, what am I supposed to do? Sit and watch as she get's closer and closer to you!? All I want is for you to love me Tenchi, but no, all you ever do is act like i'm nothing more than trash! You even give Ryo-ohki more attention than me!"

Narrator - "Ryoko turns back towards the door sobbing and gritting her teeth as Tenchi stands shocked."

Tenchi - "R....Ryoko? I just...I can't help hating it when you two fight. That's just how I am! All I want for you girls is to learn to get along! And i'm sorry if you think I hate you, I really don't! I don't hate any of you girls! It's not that I don't love you, it's just I prefer you more as a family to me rather than lovers. At least for the time being! If I chose one of you, then the others would want to leave, and that's the last thing I want! Don't you see, how deep down, everyone is happy to be here? To be honest Ryoko, even Ayeka is glad to be here with you. She may want to fight a lot, but you give her life at least a little action. Otherwise she'd just be your average princess. The only time she can act like a regular person is when she messes around with you, so she can't help treating you like she does. Even if it is also to fight over me. Please don't think I hate you Ryoko! I AM happy to have you here, really! I just, forget that sometimes when I lose control of myself. I didn't mean those things I said, I was already in a bad mood anyways. So c'mon, please forgive me?"

Narrator - "Tenchi walks up to Ryoko nervously and put's his shivering hand on her shoulder."

Ryoko - "...You see Tenchi?... Even now, after you said all that, you still act like your afraid of me. You can't even touch me without shaking..."

Narrator - "She slowly pushes his hand off her shoulder and turns to him looking him in the eyes."

Ryoko - "Your a good man Tenchi. And I really do love you, that's the only reason I stay, like I said. But when you can't even get near me without being terrified, even when your trying to be nice to me, then there's no point in apologizing, because you show me how you really feel anyways. You should know by now that no mater how upset I am, i'd never hurt you Tenchi. Not purposely at least. But you still can't even realize that... So just go, okay? I'll... Talk to you later."

Narrator - "She gently pushes him out the door and closes it behind him as she lay's back in bed, leaving Tenchi feeling very guilty yet again for his mistake."

Tenchi - "Sigh... Now what am I gonna' do? I've never seen Ryoko like this before..."

Narrator - "Feeling more confused about Ryoko than usual, Tenchi slowly walks away form the door and retreats to his bedroom scratching his head as he thinks of a way to solve his mistake. However back at Ryoko's door Sasami peek's from the corner with a worried face."
Tenchi Muyo - Get's Married! Chapter 1 - Preview

And so it begins! Tenchi awakens to find a surprise in his closet which kick starts his usual day. As he head's to the fields the others wake up to greet him only to discover he's already gone to the fields. Time to lend a helping hand maybe? After all a man can't always do everything on his own can he?

Tenchi Muyo - Get's Married! Chapter 2 - Preview

With Ryoko upset and Tenchi left very confused and not too happy with himself about how he acted, could this be the start of the end between the two? And what of Sasami who just witnessed the event first hand? Maybe it's time for Sasami to ask an old friend to lend a helping hand. But just how exactly? And who? Find out soon in....

Chapter 2 - No need for dreams!
soulreaper805 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2009
I love it! I've been a huge tenchi fan for a long time, & always wanted Ryoko & tenchi get together in the show. Hopefully one day that will happen.
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